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Большой фонтанус

отделение детской кардиологии москва

This featherlike Fissidens-moss with tight deep green down comes from North America. It grows relatively slow and requires much more light than other mosses. Suitable for binding roots and stones both vertically and horizontally in the aquarium.

Date Added: 05/03/2015 by Karin Kekecoglu


Very fast delivery to Istanbul, Turkey. Good condition!

Date Added: 07/04/2014 by Andrew Culley


Going to look fantastic when it has grow. One concern is the metal mesh it is on, I cut my thumb on it just fixing it onto a rock, I just worry it may cut a fish. This hasn't happened so far but I would still recommend it as it looks really good.

Date Added: 21/10/2013 by George Hughes


Hello, I write this review about the supplier. The product arrive promptly, well pack and looking fine. As this is an extremely slow growing plant its impossible to review the plant, but the supplier is recommended and I will return. :-)

Date Added: 05/06/2013 by Tony Clarke


Thi is a class act, Make room for one of these. By Tony clarke.

Источник: https://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/fissidens-fontanu...

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